Developer vs Computer: What does the future hold?


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This year I started to learn about web development and for the first time, I got a glimpse of the development that takes place behind the scenes. Learning about how websites are created using HTML, CSS and Javascript, is fascinating. Specific codes are typed into to the web browser, which then interprets these codes and converts them into structures and styles on a website. I found the whole process to be very intimidating, especially as I did not have any prior experience in web development. As a newbie to the industry, I am learning about the various specialisations that exist and it is interesting to see how skillsets are split between designers and developers. The designers who work on the front end of the website, have always focused on the graphic design aspect, while the developers worked on turning these designs into actual websites. The scene seems to be changing as the lines that divided designers from developers are being crossed over through innovative Softwares, such as Webflow.

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Webflow is a drag and drop tool that enables users to build websites without writing codes. This is exciting news for professionals and aspiring designers who are concerned about the cost of paying developers for coding services or training but do not want to sacrifice the freedom of having a unique style in the websites they design. The developer’s world has been a niche for so many years as only a few have been able to dedicate the time and resources to create the complicated codes that bring designs into reality on the web. But with the emergence of Webflow, we would not be going beyond ourselves by asking, if one day in the future, computers would be able to replace human developers? And if it were to become a reality, it would definitely change the landscape of things and make web development more accessible to all. Also, this would bring about an overlap in both roles, as we would have more designers who develop websites and developers who branch into the design of things.


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