Championship Manager gets a Massive Upgrade


Championship Manager 2003 Championship Manager 2010 Championship Manager 2017

I set out to create a player’s account on Championship Manager 2017 game and manage a virtual   Chelsea Football Club, that would play in the English Premier League. I have played previous editions of the game, so I immediately noticed improvements in the design. The graphics were of a more advanced quality. My immediate experience is also accompanied by a soundtrack that gives me the same experience I would have if I was gaming on PC.

1-choose-countryStep 1: I was directed to the next page to select a country and I chose England, out of the 16 countries available. The interface is clear, the soundtrack is still playing in the background.


Step 2: After choosing a country, I am taken to another page, where the professional football leagues in England can be found. I click on the Premier Division.


Step 3: Still within on the same section, a list of the top flight teams pops out on the right side and I click on Chelsea FC.


Step 4: Next comes the confirmation page where I have to confirm that I want to manage the team. This serves as an error prevention tool that eliminates error-prone conditions. For example, if I am not sure that I want to manage Chelsea FC, I can opt out at this stage.   5-notification

Step 5: A good user experience should be able to prompt a user to the important tasks on the app. After accepting to become the manager of the team, the next most important thing is for me to know the expectations of me from the board of directors. It is logical arrange in this way for users who know about the sport and how it works. Once the user has basic knowledge of the sport and how football leagues work, it would be easy to navigate the interface.  


Step 6: I am prompted by a notification to access my squad and pick the starting lineup for an upcoming game. It is easy navigating this section; making changes to my formation or moving the players around. 


Step 7: In this section, I can view my profile and easily monitor my progress in the league. In addition to this, I can easily resign from my virtual job. This gives me the freedom interact with the game in whichever way I desire to. I have the freedom to pick any team, in any league, at any time. The resign button is red and can be easily spotted.


Step 8: At some stage during my use of the game app, I decided to end the season I had started. And I had the option of resigning without losing my coaching badge. This app gave me freedom of ending my experience when I wanted to and starting, right from where I stopped.

In Conclusion: I have a long history of playing this game, from 2010 when I first began to play the 2003 edition, then the 2010 edition and finally 2017 edition. In terms of quality, the 2017 edition stands out of the pack, but in terms of user control, I still prefer the old versions. This is because I still prefer to play the game without the many prompts that exist in the new version. I find the minimalist approach very aesthetic and even though the graphics are not of the same quality as the new game, I still cherish the old times. 


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